Plot Edit

The Episode starts at Night Time.(in a Flashback to be Exact). A Young Demon named Chaster comes from School. Then he sees that a Schoolmate,a Human is Terrifying a Teacher,a Female Rokurokubi. This Schoolmate has actually no Reason to do that. Chaster hates People who do Bad stuff for absolutly no reason, so he defends the Teacher. But in the Process, he stings his Claws deep into this Guys Chest and hitting his Heart. He didn't knew how Strong DemonClaws actually are, so he is Shocked. But the Teacher thanks him for saving his Live, and giving him a Card to a Place called " Where Evil always Dies". He goes their, and meets Specimen of Demon Relatives and a Nice GunRobot named Archie. "Welcome to the FearKillers".

15 Years Later Edit

Chaster became a Pro in Terrorist Killing, and its seen that he and the other FearKillers, are killing some of those.

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