Beginning Journey,Part 1(始まりの旅,パート1,Hajimari no tabi,Pāto 1) is the First Episode of CrossBeasts.


Plot Edit

The Episode begins with the Introduction to Animalia, and its Inhabitans. Its also Explained that Hybrid Animals are called "HopeSpark" in this World, and there is a 5th Group of Life(Robotic Life), but the First encounter with them wasn't the most Harmless. Speaking of the Devil we cut to the Moon of Animalia named Oz. This is the Home of 5th Group, which call themselfs the Machine Empire now, Ruled by a 90 Meter Tall Gundam likeRobot, named Venjix. Two Scientist,also Robots Obviously,Tell their King that a certain Experiment has suceeded, they Created a Higher Group of Robots(Monsters of the Week)called Conquerers, and right after the Introduction,Venjix sends them to Animalia so they can "Live up to their Name".

Cut to London Edit

This London is a bit dfferent, The Buildings are made out of Local Trees and Rocks and the Citizen are Normal-Looking Animals. Anyway, its shown that a Human is hunted by Three Oviraptors to a Dead End. The Human did nothing, its because Oviraptors from the City like Shiny Stuff, and that Young Man has a Silver Bracelet with a Heart on it, so Three of them saw it and want that for themselfs. But before they can do something to this Guy, a Screech like from a Eagle can be Heared. Behind the Three Oviraptors, a Red Bird-like Dragon appears and sees to them down. Meet our Protagonist: Callie Kasai, a Sunburn (a Phoenix/Dragon Hybrid) from the Royal Police Force. She takes the Oviraptors and puts them Clawcuffs on.=Arrested cause of Attemped Robbery and Attemped Injuries. After the Three are brought to Jail, Callie looks after the Human who was almost robbed, and it turns out he's a close Friend of hers,Oki. He was on his way back home from the LegendBeast Research Center when this happened.

It was Callies Time to go Home as well, but on their way they meet a another Friend or her, Diego, a Longfang(Smilodon/Ankylosaurus Hybrid)from Argentina. He came for a visit together with his Little Sister Sheela, who is a FullBlooded Smilodon. Suddenly, The two Robots from the Opening Scene have landed with a bunch of Robot Soldiers named TakeOvers. Some Lions try to fend them off, but the Robots mob the Floor with them. Because Callie and Diego are HopeSparks, they feel that have to strike in and Stop them.

Oki and Sheela help the Civilan Creatures, while Callie and Diego fight the Robots.

Callie uses her FlameWing-Dash(A defense mechanism of Phoenixes) and Diego his HammerTail and his NeckBite Strategy, but the Robots get fixed by a strange Dark Matter. One of the TakeOvers wanted to use his Gun on Oki, but Callie saves him and Scrathes the Robots Bronce Gearwheel on his chest,which makes him Stop and his Visor turning from Black to Red.

After finding out their Weakness,Diego does the same thing with the other TakeOvers, but not the two Conquerers, cause they Escaped.

The Scratched Bronce Gearwheels turn into dust, and it seems like the Robots don't Remember what theyre doing on Animalia, and then they got Arrested by Callie.

Interrogation Edit

The Robots are Quickly delivered to Interrogation, and it seems None of them seemed like ever Wanted to do that,but a Female Robot named Penny seemed to know why they done this. She tells about that their God, Deus Ex, took over their Kings Body and inplanted all Robotic Life with his cursed Gearwheels,robbing their True Own will.

Callie first dosen't believe them but then she saw Penny crying, and saying that Deus turned her Son into One of his Generals... and renamed to Venjix. One of Callie's colleagues, Shotaro, a FangJoker(a Dromeaosaurus/Human Hybrid) compared the results of Interrogation of all captured Robots and he came to the conclusion that Pennys word were the ones of truth.

Notes Edit

-There are many homages to Robots in Offical Media here.

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