CrossBeasts(クロス獣,Kurosu-jū) is the First Show of the Fauna's Heroes Universe, featuring Hybrid Animals of Fiction and Non-Fiction. Like in all Shows,Movies and maybe even Stories, there will also be accurate depictions of Extinct Animals and Mythical Creatures.


In the World of Animalia, Hybrid Animals are a Symbol of Justice,Heroism and Light, this is why they are called HopeSparks in this World. Six(later turning Seven) of those Hybrid Animals were chosen to defend Animalia from the Machine Empire,Robots infected by Nanites from the God of Machines himself,Deus Ex Machina. if i had to describe this Show, i would do it like this: put a bit of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, a cup of My Little Pony G4,mix it with Monsuno and Digimon Adventure, and this is the Result. And to bring fresh Air into the Hero-Cartoon/Anime Series, the main Protagonist will be Female.

Characters Edit

Main HopeSparks Edit

Callie Kasai: Sunburn(Male Phoenix/Female Fire Dragon)

Diego Garradeaco:Longfang(Male Smilodon/Female Ankylosaurus)

Kouta Koushiro:Tiger Monkey(Male Bengal Tiger/Female Common Chimpanzee)

Elizabeth Wu:Diabolous Rex(Male Tyrannosaurus/Female Velociraptor)

Shotaro Futo:FangJoker(Male Dromaeosaurus/Female Human)

Cora Horridus:Triceratops Styrax(Male Triceratops/Female Styracosaurus)

Daxter Lockclaw:Liger(Male Lion/Female Tiger)

Minor HopeSparks Edit

Captain Cronjob:Crocosaurus(Saltwater Crocodile/Tyrannosaurus)

Allies Edit

Sheela Garradeaco

Oki Kotaro

Penny R-309

Bastion R-310(36 onwards)

Ultraman Zero

Villains Edit

The Machine Empire Edit

Deus Ex Machina,The Machine God(1-53)

King Venjix(1-36)





The DespairSparks Edit








Conquerers Edit

Shovel Conquerer(1)

Burner Conquerer(1-2)

Tank Conquerer(3)

Katana Conquerer(4)

RaceCar Conquerer(5)

Rocket Conquerer(6)

Spiral Spring Conquerer(7)

Ship Conquerer(8)

Tank Conquerer(9)

Revolver Conquerer(10)

Refrigirator Conquerer(11)

Satelite Conquerer(12)

Reciver Conquerer(12)

Coaster Conquerer(13)

Tuba Conquerer(14)

Axe Conquerer(15)

Light Bulb Conquerer(16)

Vacuum Conquerer(17)

Drill Conquerer(18)

Hammer Conquerer(19)

Camera Conquerer(20)

Oven Conquerer(21)

Dumbell Conquerer(22)

Key Conquerer(23)

Glue Conquerer(24)

Telescope Conquerer(25)

Flashlight Conquerer(26)

Needle Conquerer(27)

Navi Conquerer(28)

Spray Conquerer(29)

Ace Killer(30)

Map Conquerer(31)

Locomotive Conquerer(32)

Toaster Conquerer(33)

DVD Conquerer(34)

Engine Conquerer(35)

Junk Conquerer(37)

Continuity Placement Edit

CrossBeasts takes place around 2019-2020.A.HS.

Episodes Edit

  1. Beginning Journey, pt.1(始まりの旅,パート1,Hajimari no tabi,Pāto 1)
  2. Beginning Journey, pt.2(始まりの旅,パート2,Hajimari no tabi,Pāto 2)
  3. Warrior Spirit
  4. Way of the Sword
  5. Speed King
  6. Colors of the Carneval
  7. Kangaroo business
  8. Treasure Hunters
  9. Driven to Battle
  10. West America
  11. Freezing Forests
  12. Convergent Evolution
  13. Day of Enjoy
  14. Music in the Air
  15. a New Comrade
  16. Thunderstorm
  17. Taste of Victory
  18. Digging a Hole
  19. Breaking Bones
  20. And...Action!
  21. Overheat
  22. Training Limits
  23. Unlocking Path
  24. Sticking Together
  25. Midnight Attack
  26. Burning Light
  27. Always Remember
  28. Labyrinth Prison
  29. Colors
  30. the Silver Giant
  31. Discovery
  32. All Aboard!
  33. Food Fight
  34. World Premiere
  35. Steam Punks,pt 1
  36. Steam Punks,pt 2
  37. A visit from the Trashyard
  38. The Seven Dark Hybrids
  39. Puppet Play,pt.1
  40. Puppet Play,pt.2
  41. Boulders,pt.1
  42. Boulders,pt.2
  43. The Second thought,pt.1
  44. The Second thought,pt.2
  45. Battle with Giants,pt.1
  46. Battle with Giants,pt.2
  47. Results of Mistakes,pt.1
  48. Results of Mistakes,pt.2
  49. ShadowWings Fall,p.1
  50. ShadowWings Fall,p.2
  51. Before the Last Battle
  52. Deus Ex's Wrath,p.1
  53. Deus Ex's Wrath,p.2
  54. Quest for New Journeys

Songs Edit

OP "Never Give Up" from Digimon Xros Wars