Welcome to the Fauna's Heroes (Fanmade) WikiaEdit

Welcome People of all Species, This is a Datapage of my Fanmade Company"Faunas Heroes". All Series which will be made up takes place in the same Universe on the Planet Animalia, a Planet Identicall to ours. Your free to Contribute my Ideas and make your own Shows,Episodes,Movies and most important=CROSSOVERS. This Planet is full with Adventures.

+ There will be alot of Homages and Refrences to other Franchises in form of Characters,Titles and somewhat.

There will also be Reenactmens of other Movies/Shows and Comics, but with Animal Actors and a number of Humans, depending on the Series.

Background InfoEdit

The Planet of Animalia is ruled by three Legendary Creatures, more Powerful then the Race of the Gods: Ziz,Empress of the Sky-Based. Behemoth,Lord of all Land-Based and Leviathan, Lord of all Water Based Lifeforms. This World has the same Locations and Geography like Earth but there are less Humans, and the Fauna in, for example,England isnt only made out of Native Species, but also the Species from the Zoos and Natural History Museum of our England. That means you could see a T-Rex go through Animals London or see Lowland Gorillas in Buildings of Japan. Not only Real Life animals live there,but also Legendary Animals from Real Mythology,Cryptozoology and Legends from old Books. Please be Welcome to put your own Knowledge of this Planet on this page,thank You.

Also, The Extinct Animals and Mythological Being Characters will be as Accurate to their Species as someone can make them,or in the case of the Mythological Creatures: make them a bit more Logical.

There is a little something you have to do so i can recognize you when you edited something. In this World, you gotta have an OC who belongs to any sorts of Life from the Animal Kingdom. If you can't draw that good, i can help out,no problem.

Latest activityEdit

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