Plot Edit

eventhough the Humans on Animalia are more peacefull than on Earth, there are still Humans which seek for Chaos and Destruction. This is where a Group of Demons called "Fearkiller" comes in place. Because these guys are the Ones who gonna kill every single ChaosPhanatic who dares to cause reasonless Chaos.

Continuity Placement Edit

This Show takes place around 1969.A.HS.

Characters Edit

The Fearkillers Edit

Chaster Himeya

Stacy Komon

Gideon Mephisto

Chuck Zagi

Jay Ogudo

Mizuki Lucifer

Allies Edit

Archie G-1880

Izmael & Evelyn

Terrorists(AKA,Morons with Guns) Edit

Juliette Wahnsinn

Episodes Edit

  1. a Different kind of Saving the World
  2. People you just have to Hate
  3. Beastilaty
  4. How to Stop a Assassination: The Hard way
  5. The Siblings of Tartarus

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