Here are Important details about Animalias History and Ultimatly of the Fauna's Heroes Universe.

-B.HS.= Before Hybrid Species.

13.700.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-The Creation of the Universe.

4.600.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-Planet Animalia has formed. Edit

-The Moon,Oz has formed.

3.999.998.001.B.HS. Edit

3.800.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Organic Life. Edit

-First LifeForms with Gender.

600.000.000.B.HS. Edit

599.998.005.B.HS. Edit

542.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-The Cambrian Explosion.

510.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Cephalopods.

485.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Vertebrates with True Bones.

480.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Land Plants on Animalia.

420.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Land Scorpions.

390.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Tetrapods.

360.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Crabs.

305.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Diapsid Reptiles.

300.000.000.B.HS. Edit

299.998.004.B.HS. Edit

299.997.990.B.HS. Edit

245.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Ichthyosaurs.

231.400.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Dinosaurs,Eoraptor.

228.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Mammals,Adelobasileus.

170.000.000.B.HS. Edit

169.998.008.B.HS. Edit

169.997.988.B.HS. Edit

155.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-The Stegosaurus came to be.

150.000.000.B.HS. Edit

149.997.999.B.HS. Edit

125.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Placental Mammals.

100.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Bees.

99.997.994.B.HS. Edit

99.997.990.B.HS. Edit

85.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Real Birds.

80.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Ants.

70.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-Gon the Featherless T-Rex is born.

69.998.012.B.HS. Edit

69.998.006.B.HS. Edit

-The Alamosaurus Zugaria saved 70 Dinosaurs from starvation by swallowing them all and sharing her Energy.

67.300.000.B.HS. Edit

-Ikari Gaiki is born.

65.500.000.B.HS. Edit

25.December Edit

-The Meteorite Lavos Disaster, occured, it cost the Life of 70% Of all Species Specimen of certain Creatures of that Time.

-The Dinosaurs and Mammals became officially Allies. And Thus, The Dinosaur Dominance Ended and the other Animals were allowed to rule to.

65.497.994.B.HS. Edit


-Hyde Gene Musa visited Animalia.

65.497.992.B.HS. Edit


-The Barbarian T-Rex Hugo Thal is executed.

65.497.987.B.HS. Edit

-The Song "DinoSoul" has been created.

65.495.984.B.HS. Edit


-The Dezumozorlya Virus has evolved.

65.493.980.B.HS. Edit


-The Dezumozorlya Virus has been wiped out.

65.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-WiseMaster Torin Zeno is born.

64.997.997.B.HS. Edit

64.997.994.B.HS. Edit

64.997.992.B.HS. Edit

64.997.987.B.HS. Edit

60.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-Titanoboa came to be as Queen of South America.

59.998.005.B.HS. Edit

-Princess Dorin of the Anqingosaurus is born.

55.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Primates.

52.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Bats.

50.500.000.B.HS. Edit

-First documented sight of the QuantumMutation.

35.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Eagles and Hawks.

-First Grasses.

34.998.400.B.HS. Edit

-Empress Ziz is born.

25.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Deers.

10.100.000.B.HS. Edit

7.000.000.B.HS. Edit

-The Giant Panda came to be.

3.500.000.B.HS. Edit

-The Lion came to be.

2.588.000.B.HS. Edit

-The Smilodon came to be.

2.000.000.B.HS. Edit

900.000.B.HS. Edit

-The Mountain Gorilla came to be.

456.000.B.HS. Edit

-Monarchy in China has begun.

298.026.B.HS. Edit

-The Monarchy of the Lions has Started.

200.000.B.HS. Edit

-Homo Sapiens came to be.

150.000.B.HS. Edit

100.300.B.HS. Edit

100.043.B.HS. Edit

100.000.B.HS. Edit

-Humans began to leave Africa for the first Time.

-Demons came to be.

-The Zebra Shaman, Zecora,is Born.

98.018.B.HS. Edit

-The begin of Monarchy, on Madagascar.

97.994.B.HS. Edit

17.September Edit

-Prince Zubaan of the Golden Bamboo Lemurs is born.

-The White Dragon came to be.

97.985.B.HS. Edit

-Koda was born.

75.010.B.HS. Edit

-Adam was born.

-Eve was born.

65.000.B.HS. Edit

-First Humans on Australia.

50.000.B.HS. Edit

48.016.B.HS. Edit

-The First ESPer Human,Levy is born.

48.012.B.HS. Edit

23.Feburary Edit

-The Humans of Animalia have split into Three Main Tribes.

The Wenja, The Only Tribe accepted by the Animals, The Udam, A Tribe of Sociopaths and the Izila, a Mysterious Tribe of Perfectionists.

40.000.B.HS. Edit

37.994.B.HS. Edit

-The Izila took over the Arctic.

30.000.B.HS. Edit

-The Izila were Exterminated.

28.012.B.HS. Edit

-The First DragonSword was made.

28.000.B.HS. Edit

-Bastion, the first Dragon Knight is born.

26.000.B.HS. Edit

-The Makuu Prison is build.

21.000.B.HS. Edit

20.000.B.HS. Edit

19.011.B.HS. Edit

-A Triceratops named Logan ate a forbidden Golden Apple which led to his banishment by Behemoth to a Other World, in another Time(The World of Undertale).

18.011.B.HS. Edit

4.March Edit

-the First GriffonKing, Grover is born.

17.999.B.HS. Edit

7.July Edit

-The Chaos Virus began Infecting Creatures.

15.008.B.HS. Edit

-The Yamato Family(a Family of Tyrannosauruses) is attacked by the IceDemon,Lothrox.

The Brothers Geki and Tommy were the Only survivors. Geki joined four other Animals while Tommy has gone living with the Humans.

14.988.B.HS. Edit

-The First documented Human who could use Magic, in this case a Witch named Rika,is Born.

11.500.B.HS. Edit

-The Island of Atlantis, has formed.

10.000.B.HS. Edit

23.Febuary. Edit

-The Wenja became the Only Dominant Humans on Animalia.(all Future Humans evolved from them).

Unknown Date Edit

-the American Bison came to be.

-Angels came to be.

9.525.B.HS. Edit

-First Humans on Atlantis.

9.515.B.HS. Edit

-The City of Atlanta has formed, but started as a small StoneAge Village.

9.494.B.HS. Edit

-Atlantis became free passeble for other Animals.

8.007.B.HS. Edit

-Zoltar,the first Male Magician of the Species Human is born.

7.996.B.HS. Edit

-The RoundTable 53 was formed.

7.994.B.HS. Edit

-Mammuthus steinbergi became Extinct.

7.992.B.HS. Edit

-The Pai Zhua War started.

7.990.B.HS. Edit

-The Blue Angel Blade is born.

7.989.B.HS. Edit


-First Cryptid Guild,the Yuumajuu.

With there Leaders being the Hibagon Kingugon, the Blob Makuin and the Chupacabra Blade.


-Nessie's Ancestors arrived in Loch Ness.

6.000.B.HS. Edit

-The Four GuardianSpecies of Asia came together,united by the Hornless Dragons.

-The Azure Dragon for the East, The White Tiger for the West, the Vermillion Bird for the South and the Black Tortoise for the North

5.000.B.HS. Edit

4.500.B.HS. Edit

4.007.B.HS. Edit

-The Peafowls became the first Non-Legendary Species rulers in China.

4.005.B.HS. Edit

4.004.B.HS. Edit

-The first Human Leader,Gaia is born.

4.000.B.HS. Edit

3.600.B.HS. Edit

-First use of Popcorn.

3.200.B.HS. Edit

-First Time Writing.

3.013.B.HS. Edit

-Underground Humanoids, like Gnomes have evolved.

3.005.B.HS. Edit

3.000.B.HS. Edit

12.Febuary Edit

-The first Demon Queen,Bansheera was born.

Unknown Date Edit

-The City of Jerusalem is founded.

2.490.B.HS. Edit


-Atlantica City has been Destroyed by a Earthquake.

2.500.B.HS. Edit

-Fourth Egyptian Dynasty.

2.000.B.HS. Edit

-Stone Henge has been completed.

1.993.B.HS. Edit

-JyuKen has been developed.

1.500.B.HS. Edit

1.250.B.HS. Edit

- The Chinese Zodiac has formed.

1.200.B.HS. Edit

-The Golem evolved.

1.020.B.HS. Edit

-Denzi, the Tiger Princess is born.

1.002.B.HS. Edit

-Hyuga,the GoldHorned Buffalo is born.

1.001.B.HS. Edit

1.000.B.HS. Edit

999.B.HS. Edit

-The Ogre have Evolved.

998.B.HS. Edit

-The Zaratan Princess,Shayla was born.

997.B.HS. Edit

990.B.HS. Edit

987.B.HS. Edit

800.B.HS. Edit

776.B.HS. Edit

-The First BeastOlympics.

700.B.HS. Edit

660.B.HS. Edit

-Japanese Monarchy started.

530.B.HS. Edit

-The Golden Age of Greek started.

-The Titans came to be.

500.B.HS. Edit

490.B.HS. Edit

400.B.HS. Edit

300.B.HS. Edit

-The First documented Genie is released from his Lamp.

200.B.HS. Edit

150.B.HS. Edit

146.B.HS. Edit

-Kratos,the most Powerful Human and LegendBeast mass Murderer, died.

100.B.HS. Edit

51.B.HS. Edit

-Rulership of the Egyptian Sphinx,Cleopatra VII the Seventh began.

50.B.HS. Edit

40.B.HS. Edit

18.B.HS. Edit


-The Marriage of the Cyclops Taboo and the Sphinx Marika.

10.B.HS. Edit

6.B.HS. Edit


-Tsubasa,the WhiteFalcon is born.

5.B.HS. Edit

0.A.HS. Edit

-First Animal Hybrid was born. A Green/Marine Iguana.

-Yuji Kiba becomes King of the Equutaurs.

2.A.HS. Edit

3.A.HS. Edit

43.A.HS. Edit

-The City of London has formed.

315.A.HS. Edit

-Leo,the Blue Maned Lion is born.

333.A.HS. Edit

-Saya,the Black Mantis is born.

513.A.HS. Edit

-Tessai,the Pachycephalosaurus who invented the IronFist-Technique is born.

555.A.HS. Edit

-Takumi Ogami is born.

620.A.HS. Edit

-Orochi is Born. The only Mythical Animal that even the RulerBeasts have troubles with.

794.A.HS. Edit

-VikingDragon Leader,Toothless is born.

913.A.HS. Edit

-Kusaka,the SelfEntitled Hornet King is born.

939.A.HS. Edit

-Shirogane, the BlueBacked Wolf is Born.

979.A.HS. Edit

-Tetom, the CrystalEyed Falcon is Born.

994.A.HS. Edit


-The KakureGang has formed.

997.A.HS. Edit

-The Red Harpy Princess is born.

1001.A.HS. Edit

-The 100Power Animals have been founded.

1010.A.HS. Edit

-The First MoonEclipse Festival.

1013.A.HS. Edit

1200.A.HS. Edit

-Yusuke Onodera is born.

1208.A.HS. Edit

-First Steel-Golem.

1211.A.HS. Edit

-A Hybrid Animal Subgroup is created, The CoreBeasts.

-It started with 8 Warriors. The Tatoba Eiji, the Tajador Ankh, The Gatakiriba Uva, The Latoratar Kazari, The Sagouzo Gamel, The Putotyra Maki and the Brakawani Hina.

1213.A.HS. Edit

1215.A.HS. Edit

-Orochi joined the RulerBeasts.

1299.A.HS. Edit

1303.A.HS. Edit

-The Jakanjyu Ninja Clan has formed.

1400.A.HS. Edit

1453.A.HS. Edit


-Balzion,the First Vampire Knight died.


-Yonago,The Golden Eyed Bucaneer is born.

1454.A.HS. Edit

1476.A.HS. Edit

1484.A.HS. Edit

1494.A.HS. Edit

-The Tsuruhime Family(a Crane Family) has Formed.

1499.A.HS. Edit

1500.A.HS. Edit

1505.A.HS. Edit

-The Seven Oni began their Journey.

1506.A.HS. Edit

-The first Friendship between a Golem and a Human.

1510.A.HS. Edit

-The OnigashimaBrothers were executed.

1513.A.HS. Edit

-Ramirez the Ankylosaurus, is born.

1515.A.HS. Edit

-The Dark Wizard Orma started the CorruptionCrisis.


-Oda Nobunaga, a hokkaido wolf, born the second (or maybe third) son of Oda Nobuhide however is the first son not born to a concubine so is heir to the Oda clan and domain.

1542.A.HS. Edit

-Nobunaga becomes master of Nagoya castle around the age of seven. Is separated from father and mother who raise his younger brother Oda Nobuyuki at Suemori castle, while Nobunaga is brought up alone by retainer Hirate Masahide.

1547.A.HS. Edit

-Nobunaga sees his first, however short, military action.


-Nobunaga marries the daughter of Saito Dosan, daimyo of Mino province (Gifu prefecture). It is a political marriage set up by his father and Hirate Masahide.

1557.A.HS. Edit

-Nobuyuki again plans to overthrow Nobunaga. Nobunaga informed of the plot by Shibata Katsuie and in turn forces Nobuyuki to commit seppuku.


-Battle of Okehazama. Defeats invading daimyo Imagawa Yoshimoto, ruler of the Mikawa (eastern Aichi prefecture), Totomi (western Shizuoka prefecture), and Suruga (eastern Shizuoka) provinces.


-Forms "Kiyosu alliance" with Matsudaira Motoyasu (later Tokugawa Ieyasu), new daimyo of Mikawa province.


-Nobunaga invades and conquers Mino province. Starts to have ambitions of conquering all of Japan, calling it Tenka Fubu, "Conquer through military force".


-Oda Nobunaga marches his armies into Kyoto at the request of 14th Ashikaga shogun Ashikaga Yoshiaki. With Kyoto conquered and Ashikaga Yoshiaki installed as a puppet shogun, the Azuchi-Momoyama period of Japanese history officially begins (overlaps with Muromachi period until 1573).


-Battle of Ane river (Battle of Anegawa). Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu defeat the combined forces of daimyos Asakura Yoshikage and Azai Nagamasa.


-Attacks and razes the Tendai warrior monk complex Enryakuji on Mt. Hiei near Kyoto.


-Invades and conquers Echizen and Wakasa provinces. Nobunaga drives last Muromachi shogun Ashikaga Yoshiaki out of Kyoto. The Muromachi shogunate ends.


-Battle of Nagashino. Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu defeat Takeda Katsuyori through the effective uses of muskets. First invasion of Tamba by general Akechi Mitsuhide.


-Akechi Mitsuhide invades Tanba for the 3rd time and finally conquers it. Settsu province also invaded and conquered. Mimasaka and Bizen provinces "given" to Nobunaga.


-Miki Castle falls after 2 year siege by Nobunaga's general Hashiba Hideyoshi. Invades and conquers Tajima. Inaba province invaded.


-Hashiba Hideyoshi lays siege to Tottori castle. Inaba province conquered.


-Hashiba Hideyoshi invades Bitchu province. Takeda clan falls under the forces of Nobunaga; Shinano, Kai, and Suruga provinces conquered. Nobunaga falls in coup (Honnoji no Hen) by retainer Akechi Mitsuhide at Honnoji Temple, Kyoto, known as the Incident of Honnoji.

Mitsuhide's reign as shogun lasted only 13 days when Hideoshi took up Nobunaga, his mentor's place and attacked Mitsuhide's army. Upon leaving Yamazaki, Mitsuhide died en route to Sakamoto.

He is rumoured to have been killed by a peasant warrior by the name of Nakamura Choubei with a bamboo spear. In actual fact, it was Nobunaga's dear wife, Lady Nō, who used her powers over flames to avenge the life of her dear husband.

1571.A.HS. Edit

-The Khimairasaki Clan has formed.

made out of 48 Members.

1594.A.HS. Edit

1596.A.HS. Edit

1599.A.HS. Edit

1600.A.HS. Edit

1603.A.HS. Edit

-The Youkai(Group) have formed.

1606.A.HS. Edit

1630.A.HS. Edit

1681.A.HS. Edit

1687.A.HS. Edit

1699.A.HS. Edit

1700.A.HS. Edit

-The Zalbra Pirates began their Adventure.

1703.A.HS. Edit


-The First GekiRinTohja is born.

1713.A.HS. Edit

-Utsemimaru,the Golden Pteranodon is born.

1772.A.HS. Edit

1775.A.HS. Edit

1789.A.HS. Edit

-Its been decided the Bald Eagles shall Rule the United States.

The First President was chosen,George Washington.

1798.A.HS. Edit

1805.A.HS. Edit

1806.A.HS. Edit

1809.A.HS. Edit

1810.A.HS. Edit

1813.A.HS. Edit

1842.A.HS. Edit

1846.A.HS. Edit

27.Feburary Edit

-The First BeastTournament has Started.

1849.A.HS. Edit

1865.A.HS. Edit

1866.A.HS. Edit

-Cyclop Prince Alan is born.

1868.A.HS. Edit

-The first Time that Cro-Magnon Humans came to New York.

1878.A.HS. Edit

1880.A.HS. Edit

1886.A.HS. Edit


17.January Edit

-A timber wolf/Bullet Ant Hopespark by the name of Alphonse Gabriel Capone was born in Garden City, New York to Gabriel

1906.A.HS. Edit

1908.A.HS. Edit

9th July Edit

-The MagaVirus began Infecting Creatures.

1910.A.HS. Edit

1913.A.HS. Edit

-Al did quite well in school until the sixth grade when his steady record of B's deteriorated rapidly. At fourteen, he lost his temper at the teacher, she hit him and he hit her back. He was expelled and never went to school again. About this time, his family moved from their house on Navy Street to 21 Garfield Place. This move would have a lasting impact on Al because in this new neighborhood he would meet the people who would have the most influence on his future: his wife Mae and the gangster Johnny Torrio.

1917.A.HS. Edit

young burly Al Capone was working in the Harvard Inn on Coney Island for a black bear called Frankie Yale. Frankie Yale was a mob boss in New York. On one particular evening back in 1917 a New York hood by the name of Frank Galluccio entered the dance hall/speakeasy with his sister Lena and his date by the name of Maria Tanzio. Al Capone was a bouncer/waiter at the Inn. Al noticed Galluccio's young sister and began smiling at her. Lena became annoyed and embarrassed at Capone's constant staring and advances that she asked her brother Frank to kindly ask Capone to stop it. Frank ordered Al to stop, but Capone charged at him, forcing the bear to slash at Al in the face with his claws, earning him the name 'Scarface' Al Capone.

1918.A.HS. Edit

-In 1918 Capone married Mae Coughlin, an Irish setter, who gave him a son that year, Albert "Sonny" Francis Capone. The couple lived in Brooklyn for a year.

1919.A.HS. Edit

Al Capone lived in Amityville, Long Island, to be close to "Rum Row." Capone was still working for Frankie Yale and is thought to have committed at least two homicides, until being sent to Chicago in 1919. Yale sent his protégé to Chicago after Capone was involved in a fight with a rival gang. Yale's intention was for Capone to "cool off" there. Little did he know that this would be the impetus for one of the most notorious crime careers in modern American history.

1920.A.HS Edit

-Capone purchased a modest house at 7244 South Prairie Ave. in the Park Manor neighborhood on the city's south side in 1923 for USD $5,500. Capone came at the invitation of a sly raccoon called Torrio, who was seeking business opportunities in bootlegging following the onset of prohibition. Torrio had acquired the crime empire of James "Big Jim" Colosimo after the latter refused to enter this new area of business and was subsequently murdered (presumably by Frankie Yale, although legal proceedings against him had to be dropped due to a lack of evidence). Capone was also a suspect for two murders at the time, and was seeking a better job to provide for his new family.

1921.A.HS. Edit

-First Robotic Life.

1923.A.HS. Edit

-After the 1923 election of reform mayor William Emmett Dever, Chicago's city government began to put pressure on the gangster elements inside the city limits. To put its headquarters outside of city jurisdiction and create a safe zone for its operations, the Capone organization muscled its way into Cicero, Illinois. This led to one of Capone's greatest triumphs: the takeover of Cicero's town government in 1924. Cicero gangster Myles O'Donnell and his brother William "Klondike" O'Donnell fought with Capone over their home turf. The war resulted in over 200 deaths, including that of the infamous "Hanging Prosecutor" Bill McSwiggins.

1924.A.HS. Edit

The town council elections in Cicero became known as one of the most crooked elections in the Chicago area's long history, with voters threatened at polling stations by thugs. Capone's mayoral candidate won by a huge margin but only weeks later announced that he would run Capone out of town. Capone met with his puppet-mayor and personally knocked him down the town hall steps, a powerful assertion of gangster power and a major victory for the Torrio-Capone alliance.

1925.A.HS. Edit

-The Torrio-Capone duo soon was on the move, taking over mobs that bowed to their entreaties or threats and going to war with those that wouldn't cooperate. Their most impressive coup was arranging the killing in 1924 of Dion O'Banion, the head of the largely Irish North Side Gang. Utilizing the murderous abilities of Frankie Yale of Brooklyn, the same man who carried out the Colosimo assassination, O'Banion's death ultimately failed to rout the North Siders who, instead, waged war off and on for several years. Torrio himself was badly shot in an ambush but, after lingering on the edge of death for days, recovered. When he got out of the hospital in February 1925, Torrio told Capone after considerable soul-searching: "Al, it's all yours." Torrio took the $30 million he had squirreled away and retired back to Brooklyn, thereafter to function as a sort of elder statesman and adviser to the leaders of organized crime and the national crime syndicate that would emerge in the 1930s.

1926.A.HS. Edit

-In a particularly unnerving incident on September 20, 1926, the North Side gang shot into Capone's entourage as he was eating lunch in the restaurant of the Hawthorne Hotel. A motorcade of ten vehicles, using Thompson Submachine guns and shotguns riddled the outside of the Hotel and the restaurant on the first floor of the building. Capone's bodyguard (Frankie Rio) threw him to the ground at the first sound of gunfire and laid on top of "The Big Fellow", as the headquarters was riddled with bullet holes. Several bystanders were hurt from flying glass and bullet shrapnel in the raid, including a young boy and his mother who would have lost her eyesight had not Capone paid for top-dollar medical care. This event prompted Capone to call for a truce. Negotiations fell through. These attacks prompted Capone to fit his Cadillac with armor plating, bullet-proof glass, run-flat tires, and a police siren. Every attempt on his life left him increasingly shaken by Moran, who was almost certainly involved in most of the attacks. This car was seized by the Treasury Department in 1932 and was later used as President Franklin D. Roosevelt's limousine.

Hymie Weiss was suspected of having formed an alliance with South Side beer baron Joe Saltis, who went on trial for murder in October 1926. It was widely rumored that Weiss would buy off the jury in order to ensure an acquittal for Saltis. Jury selection began on October 11, 1926, and Hymie and four of his men were sighted there. At 4 o'clock that afternoon, Weiss and his pals left for their State Street headquarters, the old Schofield flower shop. Hymie Weiss and his men were crossing State to enter the shop when two gunmen hidden in a nearby rooming house opened fire with a submachine gun and shotgun. Weiss and bodyguard Paddy Murray were killed while the other three were wounded. Bullets from the fusillade chipped the cornerstone of the Holy Name Cathedral directly across the street. Although often said to have left an estate of $1.3 million dollars, Weiss's estate was actually calculated at $10,601.78 during a 1927 hearing between his family members and girlfriend Josephine Simard.

1929.A.HS. Edit

-Capone's most notorious killing was the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. On February 14, 1929, four Capone men entered a garage at 2122 N. Clark Street. The building was the main liquor headquarters of a bootlegger hare known as George "Bugs" Moran's North Side gang. Because two of Capone's men were dressed as police, the seven men in the garage thought it was a police raid. As a result, they dropped their guns and put their hands against the wall. Using two shotguns and two machine guns, the Capone men fired more than 150 bullets into the victims. Six of the seven killed were members of Moran's gang; the seventh was an unlucky friend. Moran, probably the real target, was across the street when Capone's men arrived and stayed away when he saw the police uniforms. As usual, Capone had an alibi; he was in Florida during the massacre.

On May 17, 1929, Al Capone and his bodyguard were arrested in Philadelphia for carrying concealed deadly weapons. Within 16 hours they had been sentenced to terms of one year each. Capone served his time and was released in nine months for good behavior on March 17, 1930.

1934.A.HS. Edit

-On August 11, 1934, a group of federal prisoners arrived at Alcatraz Island, a twenty-two-acre rock outcropping one-and-one-half miles offshore in San Francisco Bay. The Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was conceived of as a high-security, escape-proof fortress for federal prisoners considered either particularly dangerous, infamous, “incorrigible,” or presenting the greatest risk of flight. For the next twenty-nine years, the prison held a series of notorious inmates including Chicago mobster Al Capone, George "Machine Gun" Kelly, and Robert Stroud.

1937.A.HS. Edit

1938.A.HS. Edit

-First known Cyborgs.(Artificial)

1939.A.HS. Edit

-The Undead War started.

14thFeburary Edit

-The Battleship-Robot, Bismarck, is Born.

16th November Edit

-Al Capone was paroled from the Federal Correctional Institution at Terminal Island in California, spent a short time in a hospital, then returned to his home in Palm Island, Florida. Capone's control and interests within organized crime diminished rapidly after his imprisonment, and he was no longer able to run the Outfit after his release. He had lost weight, and his physical and mental health had deteriorated under the effects of neurosyphilis. He often raved on about Communists, foreigners, and George Moran, who he was convinced was still plotting to kill him from his Ohio prison cell.

Al and family never forgot the good care they were offered at the hospital and later donated two Japanese weeping cherry trees that were planted outside the hospital. Since then, one was removed for expansion and one survived a snowstorm. An arborist was called to tend to the ailing tree. It was saved and other smaller sprouts called Caponettes were planted around the hospital in hopes the legacy would continue.

1945.A.HS. Edit

-The Undead War ended.

1947.A.HS. Edit

-After his release, Capone spent a short time in the hospital. He returned to his home in Palm Island where the rest of his life was relaxed and quiet. His mind and body continued to deteriorate so that he could no longer run the outfit. On January 21, 1947, he had an apoplectic stoke that was probably unrelated to his syphilis. He regained consciousness and began to improve until pneumonia set in on January 24. He died the next day from cardiac arrest. Capone was first buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Chicago's far South Side between the graves of his father, Gabriele, and brother, Frank, but in March of 1950 the remains of all three were moved to Mount Carmel Cemetery on the far West Side.

1948.A.HS. Edit

-Rolan Artox became the Orc King.

1950.A.HS. Edit

1951.A.HS. Edit

1952.A.HS. Edit

1953.A.HS. Edit

1954.A.HS. Edit

1955.A.HS. Edit

1956.A.HS. Edit

1957.A.HS. Edit

1958.A.HS. Edit

1959.A.HS. Edit

1960.A.HS. Edit

-First assumed Sighting of ExtraTerrestrial Life.

1961.A.HS. Edit

1962.A.HS. Edit

1963.A.HS. Edit

8.August Edit

-A Lyrebird,Magpie,beaver,Brown Bear and a Baboon robbed 2-4Million Goldberries from a Train-Type Robot.

22.November Edit

-The 35th President Eagle,Johnny, was asassinaded in Public by a U.L.F.(Unidentified LifeForm).

1964.A.HS. Edit

1965.A.HS. Edit

1966.A.HS. Edit

1967.A.HS. Edit

1968.A.HS. Edit

1969.A.HS. Edit

1970.A.HS. Edit

1971.A.HS. Edit

1972.A.HS. Edit

-First Androids.(Robots with Human Apperence.)

1973.A.HS. Edit

10.Febuary Edit

-Gel-ShockClaw has formed, the Only corrupt Hybrids.

1974.A.HS. Edit

1975.A.HS. Edit

1976.A.HS. Edit

1977.A.HS. Edit

1978.A.HS. Edit

1979.A.HS. Edit

1980.A.HS. Edit

1981.A.HS. Edit

1982.A.HS. Edit

1983.A.HS. Edit

1984.A.HS. Edit

1985.A.HS. Edit

1986.A.HS. Edit

-The Famous Cruise-Ship Robot, Marie Susanne Anna is Born.

1987.A.HS. Edit

1988.A.HS. Edit

1989.A.HS. Edit

1990.A.HS. Edit

1991.A.HS. Edit

-The Dark Dragon was sealed away.

1992.A.HS. Edit

1993.A.HS. Edit

1994.A.HS. Edit

1995.A.HS. Edit

-The Machine Empire has formed, under the Rule of Deus.

1996.A.HS. Edit

1997.A.HS. Edit

1998.A.HS. Edit

1999.A.HS. Edit

-The Machine Empire has build its Kingdom on the Moon,Oz.

2000.A.HS. Edit

2001.A.HS. Edit

2002.A.HS. Edit

2003.A.HS. Edit

2004.A.HS. Edit

2005.A.HS. Edit

2006.A.HS. Edit

2007.A.HS. Edit

2008.A.HS. Edit

2009.A.HS. Edit

2010.A.HS. Edit

2011.A.HS. Edit

2012.A.HS. Edit

2013.A.HS. Edit

2014.A.HS. Edit

13.September Edit

-The "Smash" Link is discovered,which leads to the Building of the WorldGate.

2015.A.HS. Edit

2016.A.HS. Edit

16.September Edit

-The WorldGate is Finished.

and Directly after that, the 100 Investigation Teams started their Journey through the Worlds.

2017.A.HS. Edit

2019.A.HS. Edit

14.March Edit

-ZAP Spacy came to Animalia.


-The Machine Empire(a group of Robots which Colonized the Moon) attacked.

2020.A.HS. Edit

-The North Pole began to spread again.

March Edit

-The God of the Machines, has fallen.

-Deus Ex Machina Joins the RulerBeasts.

-The Machine Empire and Animalia became Friends.

2021.A.HS. Edit

-The Dark Nanites have been Reprogrammed.

2022.A.HS. Edit

-The Colonization Process of the other World has Started.

2023.A.HS. Edit

2025.A.HS. Edit

2027.A.HS. Edit

-First TechOrganic Life.(Natural Cyborgs)

-The Cloning has been regulated only to Science.

2030.A.HS. Edit

-Technological Life starts to colonize Desert Regions.

-The Usage of Uranium became Illegal for Organic Life, cause of its Danger.

2039.A.HS. Edit

-The Extinct Giant Gorilla has been Cloned.

2040.A.HS. Edit

-The BeastMars starts to get Colonized.

2044.A.HS. Edit

-Criminal Robots form the Organisation Gorma.

2049.A.HS. Edit

-A Reserve for Resurrected Extinct Animals has been Build on Alcatraz.

2050.A.HS. Edit

-The Giant Gorilla and Tyrannosaurus Dominum have been Released back into the Wilderness.

2051.A.HS. Edit

-The Extinct Kaiju Species have been rereleased.

-17, Son of Leviathan, returns from the World of Zexal to Animalia.

2079.A.HS. Edit

-The Energon of Cybertron starts to have a Virus Effect on Zombies,turning them into Sociopaths.

2093.A.HS. Edit

2114.A.HS. Edit

-The CyberSaurs are born.

2121.A.HS. Edit

-A Xenomorph could be successfully Captured.

2135.A.HS. Edit

2140.A.HS. Edit

- The World alliance Beast Corps have formed.

2190.A.HS. Edit

-Empress Ziz's Mother,Zuzu,Ends her Journey through the Universe.

2200.A.HS. Edit

-The Rest of the Animal Kingdom is Ready, To go the Connected Planets and Worlds.

2250.A.HS. Edit

-Alien Artifacts appear on the BeastMars.

2275.A.HS. Edit

-Zuzu and the Rulers observed the Colonies in the other Worlds.

2287.A.HS. Edit

-Faster than Light Technology is built.

2300.A.HS. Edit

-First contact and Allieship with Aliens of a Planet which wasn't Connected.

2500.A.HS. Edit

-The Beast Wars started.

2560.A.HS. Edit

-Seventeen became Champion of the StarBeast Race.

2720.A.HS. Edit

-Deus got a Daugther.(Name Unknown at the Moment).

2978.A.HS. Edit

2979.A.HS. Edit

2983.A.HS. Edit

2984.A.HS. Edit

2996.A.HS. Edit

-The First Age of Adventurers has Started.

3000.A.HS. Edit

3001.A.HS. Edit

3002.A.HS. Edit

3010.A.HS. Edit

-The Beast Wars ended.

3013.A.HS. Edit

3014.A.HS. Edit

3043.A.HS. Edit

4000.A.HS. Edit

-The Ultimate Hybrids come to be= Animal/Alien/Robotic Life, known as the Superiors.

7001.A.HS. Edit

10.000.A.HS. Edit

-Humans are spread through the Universe.

1.000.000.A.HS. Edit


-Giraffes have spread through the Universe.

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