Jack is a cyborg dwarf bunny who works a writer and producer of a AnimaliaMovie series called Mugen Blade. A story about a thieving creature rising to become a hero.



Jack, or Jackie to her friends, is a usually calm but cautious individual. She is always striving to make her family proud, and priding herself on her self-reliance and skills. She is also a very good task manager and tries to follow a good routine when it comes to her work and has a strong sense of duty and loyalty to her friends. However, she douesn't really give herself a lot of time to sleep and she is very prone to panic, especially when confronted with things relating to the occult or to things that could end up harming her friends and family. She likes to learn about various scientific and historical facts, and remembers quite a few of the facts, though she's no expert in the majority of those subjects. Jackie also gets very uncomfortable arould dead animals or meat. Especially rabbit meat.

Jackie is also a big anime fan, though she tends to keep away from ones with graphic voilence or horror. These animes inspired her to become a writer and a artist in her youth. Majority of her belongings are either her custom computer, her phone and TV bots and her anime plushies. Whenever she gets the chance, she also likes to look up online comics.

Her favorit food is almost any pasta dish that is meatfree with cheese and likes a wide variety of music, especially varieties of chill rock. As for her favorite drink, she likes to mix and make her own cocktails and drinks in her spare time.


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