Story Edit

In the Year 2014 A.HS., Scientists of Japan found a powerful Object called the "Smash Link"(i don't know either why they called it like that). This Object was able to Travel to different Worlds and Planets and that Brought them to an Idea.

Two Years Later

They have build the WorldPortal, and gathered 151 Teams of Investigators,to visit those New Realms, These are their Stories.

Worlds/Planets Edit

  1. The DigiWorld
  2. The World of Harmony
  3. The World of Sailor Moon
  4. The World of Metal Gear
  5. The World of the Mushroom Kingdom
  6. Planet Ultra
  7. The World of Tarzan
  8. Planet Remnant
  9. Planet Mobius
  10. World of Pokémon
  11. World of Sword Art Online
  12. World of Fallout
  13. World of the Gurren Lagann
  14. World of the Gundam Wing
  15. World of Alchemy
  16. World of the Corpse Party

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