Some Animals which were Fictional on Earth, did Exist on Animalia. The Animals which are Extinct on Earth may survived their, but certain others didn't make it.

Palaeozoic Extinctions Edit

Mesozoic Exctinctions Edit

Cretaecous Edit

Gelanosaurus *113.000.000.B.HS.

Bolgilsaurus *104.000.000.B.HS.

Algonasaurus *100.000.000.B.HS.

Bangosaurus *68.150.000.B.HS.

Apcerosaurus *65.902.644.B.HS.

Aptonthosaurus *65.675.533.B.HS.

Cenozoic Extinctions Edit

Holocene Edit

Booska giraffe *8.739.239.B.HS.

Cephaloboa *7.684.623.B.HS.

Bullfango *468.771.B.HS.

Baktari Tapir *62.000.B.HS.

Tigrex *13.000.B.HS.

Angora catfish *12.600.B.HS.

Homo Sapiens Sol *9.400.B.HS.

Nonmaltosaurus *6.800.B.HS.

Birdon *6.200.B.HS.

Modern Era Edit

Homo Sapiens Delos *300.A.HS.

Homo Sapiens Victoria *800.A.HS.

Homo Sapiens Recessus *896.A.HS.

Felyne Cat *1039.A.HS.

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