Nico Deuko is a Mercenary from the San Diego Barracks, and a former schoolmate of Garren Dash.

Appearence Edit

Nico has got black curved horns, darkbrown, tan-skin, a short-haired beard and crimson/red wings. The fingers and toes are equipped with white claws and the ears are sharp-formed similar to Elves, and has got two teeth looking similar to Vampire teeth. He normally wears a white shirt with grey sleeves and a short pair of jeans.

Personality Edit

He is known to be a knowledgable but often jerkish individual, often playing with expectations, interests or informations from others, making contradictions and twists to them, but he shows his nice side helping others with their problems.

History Edit

Around his time to 9th Grade, he and his family moved from Rome to San Diego, where he went to the San Diego Highschool, where he had fun of both helping others with mathematic problems and also trolling others, like saying Lea and Garren are a couple.

When the Hero-Guild, the Green Hunters, wanted to add new things to the School education, he was among the students to be bribed by Vice-Principal Sam Idirus but went for the newer stuff, and among the people which helped out making a small movie for Garren after his small depressed stait.

During the Battle of San Diego, he was among the people which defended the evacuates. After it, he went to the San Diego Barracks and became a Mercenary, getting Money for beating up people. During the 2nd Battle of San Diego, he helped fighting against Deus Drago and his men, but was killed in the process, via lazer through the heart by the Iron Giant Kronoa.

Abilities Edit

As a devil, he is very skilled in pyromancy and can see the allignment of a individual just by looking at it. Due to his school time, he is known to have great skills in chemistry and math.

Equipment Edit

He does not use a typical weapon, but is a hand to hand fighter, by using kicks, punches and his claws.

Trivia Edit

  • His element is Fire
  • He often thinks ambigous about others
  • His favorite World is Azeroth
  • His favorite food is peanut butter & jelly sandwich
  • His favorite color is black
  • His favorite beverage is cola
  • His favorite animal is the Meerkat
  • His favorite show is Ben 10
  • His favorite movie is Bruce Allmighty
  • His favorite video game is God of War Ascension
  • His favorite ice cream flavour is strawberry
  • His favorite sports is basketball
  • His favorite song is radioactive
  • His favorite instrument is the Drums
  • His dream destination is Australia
  • His heavenly virtue is diligence
  • His deadly sin is lust
  • His role model is Bruce Banner
  • He is Atheist
  • His sleeping period is from 22- 7 o'clock