name: pierre

species: platypus

where it lives: france

status: alive discovered to be hiding

eyes: green

clothes: beret scarf and black and white striped clothes

favorite food: a french platter or any kind of Crustacean,Larva or Worm. he's not picky

where in the timeline he is living in : 1989 - 20??.A.HS.

alias: the french wonder el capitain the flying platypus etc

other info: a female medi bot is on his side and helping him extend his life

pierre was born a decent man nothing to complain about but all that changed when he was dragged away

from his tamer and into a war poor pierre was then driven to madness and was forced to participate in the

war as a secret weapon poor pierre didn't know what to think next as he killed his own tamer so pierre then

committed suicide and jumped off a cliff or did he?

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