Sol is the Star of the Sol-System, and part of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Geography Edit

Sol has a glowing Hot surface with liquid Iron, which appears as a Lava-like substance as Oceans.

Life Edit

It was very difficult for the Alpha to create Life on Sol, due to being a Star, and making it habitable for other Lifeforms without breaking the Star's function, but he did it, at the Cost of being weakened for 500 Years.

Wildlife Edit

Sentient Races Edit

  1. Solarian (Animus solaris)
  2. Common Ghost

Culture Edit

Data Edit

  • Creation Year: 4,600,000,000.B.CE.
  • Year Length: 39785 Days (954840 Hours)
  • Gifted with Life: 4500.B.CE.
  • Number of Nations: 76
  • Dominant Rulership: Monarchy
  • Diameter: 1391400 Kilometers
  • Gravity: 27.94G
  • Independence: 2613.B.CE.
  • Dominant Race: Solarian (Animus solaris)
  • Populationlimit: 26,7 Billion
  • Orbiting Planets: 8
  • National Animal: Phoenix (Aquilaignis phoenixus)
  • Cultural Inspiration: Japan
  • Name Origin: Sol (Roman Goddess of the Sky)