Plot Summary Edit

A Sorcerer found a dark tome full of dark magic and begin studying it and went mad with it and begun planning to dominate Animalia using dark magic to corrupt people.and he begins corrupting People in his City and slowly taking over it. The Only one who can Stop him, is a Werewolf named Farrow. Lena Farrow.

Characters Edit

Heroes Edit

Team Leader Lena Farrow

Andrew Gombas

Allies/Supporting Characters Edit

Villains Edit



Continuity Placement Edit

This Show takes Place 15 Years after the MagicEra. so around 1515 A.HS.

Episodes Edit

Episode Runtime: 25 Minutes

Season 1 Edit

  1. The Obscure Tome,Part 1
  2. The Obscure Tome,Part 2

Music Edit

OP 1:"Eiyuu" from Ultraman Nexus

Soundtracks from: BloodBorn,Dark Souls,Ultraman Nexus and Kamen Rider Wizard.

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