This is the First Episode of The Legend of the Abyss.


Plot Edit

Pre-Opening Scene Edit

The Episode starts in the Night. European Wolves Howling.A Sorcerer can be seen, going to some Ancient catacombs. After some walking, he came to to a Ancient Library. There he finds a Black colored Book which he smiles at.... A Book of Dark Magic.

Cut to London Edit

It's been cut to a market place, where a Group of Guards hunt down a Female FoxRobber named Nina, who stole the Cepter of the Previous King. The Fox is a bit too small for them, and the Guards are Larger Carnivorian Mammals. But then, she was knocked down by a Werewolf. This our Protagonist: Lena Farrow.She picks the Fox Woman up,knocks her out and reclaims the Cepter. She gives the Cepter to the Guards and goes with one of to the barracks. A black coloured European Jaguar, named Andrew. On the way through the City, they talk about the Girl who stole the Cepter, and Lena also told Andrew about that she wants to Become a Captain. It can be Difficult, Because Werewolves have a bad Name since a Incident in Germany 3 Years Ago, And there Never was a Lycanthrope as a Captain.After they enter the Barracks, they judge about Nina. It comes to a arguement between Andrew and a Neovenator, but Lena stops it with a Vote.

Then we cut the Sorcerer. His Names is Orma. He came out of the Ruins, But with Purple Eyes and Vains. He is seen going to a Group of Revenants, throwing Dark spells on them and corrupting them. The Revenants now have Purple glowing Eyeholes and Purple Vains. Out of those Revenants, he builds a Army and orders them to capture more People, Whatever the Species.

Back to the Vote Edit

its been Decided, Nina stays alive.They take the fox to jail and then they go to the barracks and we cut to Orma's revenants,capturing and corrupting more people . Lena and the Other Guards go out of the Barracks and see that People are Missing. They first don't know what happened but then a Baryonyx sees some Footprints. theyre Identified as Revenant Footprints.

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