It is Night.
Wolves Howling.
A strange Man(named Orma) goes through Catacombs, entering a Library.
Strange Man:Where is it? WHERE IS IT!?
he finds a Black Book
Orma:Ah, Finally.After all these Years,The Book of Dark Magic. Now to go as Planned.

  • Cut to London

Civilians going through the City, for Example: a Gargoyle talking with a Eotyrannus
Unnamed Gargoyle:See you then.
then a Fox-Girl with a Cepter on her Back named Nina,runs from some Animals in Armor.
Nina:Get out of my way!
Unnamed Gargoyle:Woah!
Wolf Guard:Hold! You're under ARREST!
Brown Bear Guard:Get back Here!
the Guards failed to catch her
Nina:Ha,Ha. No Guard can capture the Magnificent Nina!
then she smashes against a Werewolf Woman. The Protagonist: Lena Farrow.
Lena:oh really?
Nina:WAAH, a Werewolf!
she grabs Nina's Tail
Lena:Here you go Guys. The Criminal and the Cepter of our Last Ruler.
Brown Bear Guard:umm...Thanks.
Lena:Andrew, we can go now.
a European JaguarGuard comes from the Group of Guards and Goes with Lena.
Andrew:Wow, good job Lena.
Lena:Quick reflexes are Something each Captain needs.
Andrew:Captain! Lena,only Lions can become Captain.
Lena:Why? who says i can't be just as Good?
Andrew:well, you know that Werewolves have a Bad Name since this Incident 3 Years ago in Germany. Don't get me Wrong, you would be a Great Captain but...
Lena:I know it will be Hard, but i need to at Least Try.
Andrew:hmm, Determend as a Mammoth.
Lena:Eh, thanks i guess.
then they go a Barrack. And in this Barrack are also a Baryonyx, a Neovenator, a Cave Lion, a Bear and a Osprey.

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