I flew to the park, and realize it's 7pm already, which left me disappointed. After some thoughts, I decide to go home.

On the way to my house, I saw a drunked unicorn stallion was walking at the street. I hearing he repeatly saying a mare's name, which I believe it's directed to Amber. When he walk closer to me, he looked at me, and he mistakenly thought I am the mare which he mentioned, Amber Rich.

"Amber, it's me..." he said, "Are you alive?"
"Um, sorry mister, but I'm not your sister, Amber." I angrily said.
"You totally are, Amber!" He yelled, "How can be..."

I had no choice, but still decide to slap him with my hoof, thus let him confused. He repeatly asks for why, and felled, in unconscious. When I want to turn my head back and leave, I suddenly stopped right there, and tearing in no reason. Then, Amber's voice has been heard from the necklace.

"He's my brother, Leafy," She said, "Let him stay at your home for one night."
"But I..."
"PLEASE. I beg you..."

After some thoughts, I finally turned back, and put him up to my body, and take him to my home. While I walk, I started to realize that : his sister's murder has hurted his heart, that's why he drunked every day. I guess his father would likely angry. I even don't know why I need to let him stay for a night...

"If Amber didn't begging me for helping you, you may slept at the street already..." I smiled.

When I arrived, I put him at the sofa in my house. I was soon noticed by Mr Leaf––my dad, and he ask me about what happened. I told him that that unicorn drunked, so I take him back to home. After he understood everything, he told me to take a rest, then I smile on my dad. However, I still worried about him...

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Untitled Chapter Finale

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