1. Bad Feel

P.S : She* is Flyleaf, of course.

She hide herself at behind the tree, and spying on those villagers. They pass through the stores, annd looking around, realizing she's not here, then they run away for continue searching her. After they left, she is now relaxed. She thought she is safed, but...

A voice which let the scene turned back to the real world, it's a mare's voice.

"WAKE UP, MY HONEY DAUGHTER! You had to join a nature convention! You need to go there early before you going too late! Oh, I almost forgot that, you must eat breakfast before you out!" Mrs. Leaf shouted softly.

"Ugh, mom!" I angrily said, while I'm woke up. "You have ruined my dream just now!"

But she go away, then I sighed for mom ruined my dream...

BTW, My name is Flyleaf Green, or just simply called "Flyleaf". I love travel, especially in mountain, and I love to hunting some treasure! When I was 13, I having a serious sick, but that sick let me realize I destined to be a healty filly pegasus!

I look at the sideboard, it's the filly's necklace I picked from the manticore. I decided to wear it up, until I found her family. Then I go to the hall for having a breakfast.

Actually, when I wear this necklace up, I feels weird, feels like...I am her. I wondered why...

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Untitled Chapter Finale

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