The necklace's glowing got stronger than before, even I can't hold it up.

The villagers walk closer to me, and I don't where can I escape. but then, a burst of uncontrollable magic shot out from the necklace and knocked them out! Then, that magic possess into my body, and I felt the pain at the time! Suddenly...

"Defeat them...with Unicorn magic..."
"No! I'm just a pegasus, how I can use?"
"Just used it!"

The magic let me gained a horn, and I lift into the air, then transformed into a winged unicorn. After they saw my transformation, they feared, and they finally retreat!

After they retreated, I landed once again, and fainted.

"The magic...why..."

After I fainted, the horn are disappeared, and the necklace has stopped glowing. I turned back into pegasus again.

At evening, I woked up, and realize I'm still at outside my home! So I quickly stood up, then walk into house.

When I passing by a mirror, I'm still suprising myself : wings and necklace are still exist! But I'm still confusing for why I can temporary got unicorn magic...

Soon, my little brother and my mum are back.

"Welcome home!" I said. We soon giggled each other after all.

End of 1.

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Untitled Chapter Finale

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