Song Used : "House Needs a Door" by Deep East Music
Note* : This served as Samsung Gear S2 launch video song.

She opened the door, and looked around here carefully. I hide at under Amber's bed, but still keep aware, because she is still believes her daughter was still alive. But the necklace has glowing again! I quickly grab it, and keep it on my chest, to avoid she's seeing me with a similiar face.

"Can you help me to tell her about my situlation?" said Amber.
"What if she thought I am you?" I asks her quietly.
"I guess she will realize it... just try."

I starts to give some respect for Amber. I don't know what exactly happened to her, but I wish she can revive for one time, and meet each other, just like we hope for making a sisterly friends...

Suddenly, she looked down, and saw me holding Amber's necklace, and screamed. I quickly get out from under the bed, and explained to her about Amber's murder and why I'm here, but she still don't believe it!

"You killed my daughter!" She yelled.
"If I killed your daughter, then why I will hold her necklace, and visit here?" I said softly.
"I bet you are! (scream)"

A stallion suddenly brakes in, and stop her action by saying : "Enough, mother! This mare isn't the pony who killed my younger sister!"
She shocked when she hear his words.
"You... you lie to me, son." she said. Then, she fainted.
He lifted up his mother, and take back to her room. At the time, I still don't know what happened to his mother, but I still worried about she will blame the guests about who killed her daughter, Amber. But suddenly, I realize it's 8pm already!
"Aww...if I didn't eat meals, I wouldn't have energy to fly..." I sighed. "Glad I have some hays on my lunch box (:D)"
I left Amber's room, and head on to dining room. No offences, but I'm really hungry...
"Having a dinner at Amber's house is so enjoyable!" I said excitely.
When I ready to leave, he came up to me, and I thank him for saving me. He grant me to stay at his house, but I refused, and state my family are worried me, but I promised I will return this home when I have a free time, and he agreed. After say goodbye to him, I leave Amber's home, and flew back to home.
"Hope it isn't too late..."

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Untitled Chapter Finale

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