3. Mystery

Because of me being too tired, I felled to the ground at outside my house.

Next morning, I opened my eyes, realizing I'm slept at sofa. Soon I saw an old stallion making dishes. I'm just want to help, but I still fading, as well as I put my hoof on my head. He noticed me had woked up, and told me don't move, and lay down and rest at sofa. I smiled, because he really cares about me when I sick.

"My sweet daughter, Leafy," said Mr. Leaf, "You are still weak for now, so I cooked a mushroom soup to give you drink."
"Thanks, dad." I said, while smiling.
"You're welcome."

When he left, I slowly drank up the mushroom soup. At that time, I feels warm on my heart.

Because it's Saturday, so I decided to sleep two more hours. When time's up, I woked up, then went to my room, and dress up myself with picking a white short dress. I also wear up the necklace, I don't know why, but still decides to wear it anyway...

"Let's go relax today!" I told myself excitely.

Then I walked out from my house, and decided to go through the park.

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