4. Siblings

In my bedroom, I got an insomnia, and I can't sleep in all night, so I woke up and walk out from the room. I wander around, and saw he's still sleeping at the sofa. Without tied mane, I fly through the stairs, and landed on his side.

When I saw his face, I feel upset, because I should never slap him in the first place... though he is still saying his (older) sister's name. I sighed that he lost his sister, just like me lost my friend too, and we have the same feelings when we losted somepony... But on my thought, even we lost our slibings, we still need to stay strong, for not letting them down. I sat down, then stroke his mane while encourage him for don't give up himself. Finally, he smiled while he sleep.

It's almost 3am, and I feel sleepy, so I return to my room, and fell asleep. Until 4 hours later, I woke up and go to dining room. At the dining room, I was finding my today's breakfast while I'm tying my hair. After a while, I found a cupcake, and ate it before I go out.

Meanwhile, that unicorn stallion has awaked. Then he screamed, because he didn't returned to his home last night! And because of that, he's pretty exhausted right now...

When he saw the mare with wearing blue scarf –– me, walked out from my room, he realize that I am the mare who slap him, but instead of enraging, he feel awkward, and his face was blushing. I noticed him, and giggled on him.

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Untitled Chapter Finale

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