"Aww, don't be shy!" I said, "Are you sleep well?"
"Oh hi, miss! My name is Domain Rich," He said, "And...thanks for sending me to a safe place (blush). You?"
"My name is Flyleaf Green!" I happily said.

I take him back to his home via Amber's necklace. He apologized that he mistakenly though me as his sister because of my necklace, and I forgive him, because I ignored him once... A few minutes later, we finally arrived, and we say goodbye to each other. Then, I decided to leave. On the way to the town, I suddenly felt hungry, so I need to find the cafeteria nearby.

I fly at the sky, and founded the cafeteria, I can saw two stallions and a mare was wait for me, so I decided to land on there.

"Sorry for letting all of you waiting me for so much time..." I said.
"But we just arrived not long before you, Leafy..."
"(Look at the clock) Oh, it's alright" I said, surprised.
"Haha..." The others giggled.

I'm still wondering about Amber : Her soul has now lived inside my body, that means if my soul and her soul can completely combined, my personality and family background would likely split to two. If that really happens, I would likely be a pegasus body with two names... But luckily, as Amber said before, her soul will leave her body if I solve why she's been dead. I ask her about the necklace may become soul-less object without her, but she decided to give me her necklace as a gift to me. I smiled, because I can never forgot our moments with it.

"What are you thinking about, Flyleaf?" Juicy Crisp asks.
"Oh, nothing..." I nervously replied.

Story Minis : Tales of Flyleaf

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Untitled Chapter Finale

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