We finally arrived at outside Amber's house. Amber jumped off my back, then she wave her hooves to me, and said goodbye to me. I smiled back to her.

Then I saw her mother has saw everything! She ran towards to her mother, then hug her. Her mother thank me for finding her back, and apologized for being rude to yelled on her. I said it's alright, because I didn't care for that.

I finally leave her house, but a giant skeleton appears in front of me!

"Oh no, without the necklace, I will not about to release the inner power insides me, which means the winged Unicorn power..." I said.

Suddenly, when the giant skeleton's claws slash to me, my body was glowing! When I lifted into the air, I finally realize what "our souls sticked on each other" means. And finally, without necklace, I become a winged-unicorn for the fourth time. I use my fantasy horn to blast off the skeleton into piece, and it was been defeated. Later, I turned back into a pegasus again, and landed on the ground.

Amber went to my side, and told me that this transformations was actually to be the gift to me as my inner power, and it's rewarded for helping her to save her. But she still want me to find out why those villagers want to kill her, then I nodded, because I started to bound a karma on her after those events...

"A gift for me... Thank you, Amber (cry)..." I said. Then, I decide to spread my wings and flew back to home.

End of 4.

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