5. Exhibit

Song Used : "I'll Follow You" by Shinedown

It was a beautiful night.

I lay on my bed, and I'm still thinking about why our souls will sticked on each other forever. It seems...reasonable. Then, my eyes has gradually dizzy, and fell asleep.

During I slept, a message has suddenly rang in my head, and it sounds familiar :
Since you picked up my necklace, I knew our souls will be destined to be sticked together. I made a fake dead after I was attacked by manticore, and you saved my necklace, then saved me. So as the gift to you, I decided to share my unicorn power to you, so you can unleash your magic insides you without my necklace, and let you become a fantasy Alicorn. Feel free to use this gift, and fulfill your dream at the future.

"Wait, I'm a Pegasus, and I would lost control when I unleash your unicorn power..." I cried, in dream.
"Then you need to learn how to control your magic without having a unicorn horn." She said softly.
"I believe you can figured it out yourself..."

And I cried inside at whole night...cry along at the whole night...

At next day, I woke up, and I grinned in my face, because I got a ticket to the annual Evergreen Exhibition! Soon I looked at the sideboard, realizing the necklace has no longer placed at there since I returned the necklace to her, so I suddenly turn sad.

Plantae suddenly breaks into my room, and shout : "Whoa, mom! Looking at sister's face, she seems crying through the whole night!"
"Plantae!" I shouted, smiled. "I'm really fine, just having a sad dream last night..."
"What's wrong? Are you alright?!?" Mom shocked, while looking at my face.
"I'm really fine, mother..." I told my mother.
"That's good..." She said, still worried.

When they leave, I went to my desk, and makeup myself, to make sure I look beautiful without let them see my crying face. I soon go downstairs to the main hall, then say goodbye to my family.

"Have a good day, sis!" He said.
"I will." I said.

After I left my home, I decided to spread my wings and fly through the exhibition center, to find out what's beyond the path.

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Untitled Chapter Finale

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