It was a stormy day in Ponyville. I was stuck inside of Latias, because i had a Broken Leg. She on the over hand flought to Fluttershy and Discord for Tea. Fluttershy was confused to see Latias with a Bloated Gut(with me Inside),but Discord just gone with it. Then Harry came in, Terrified by the Storm. Latias fought he was a Wild One, and Devoured him too. (Much too Fluttershy's and My dismay).Harry was pretty confused because... Bears and Gorillas never met actually before....inside a DragonJet-Lady. After a bit of Pep-Talk with the Two,i felt like something Bad was about to Happen. and i was right, a Lightning Strike hit Fluttershys cottage and it started to Burn! Latias got Paniced and grabs Fluttershy and the Others and also Gobbles them Up, For Protection. Then she flought to the other Mane 5 to Informate them about the Tragedy. They helped with the FireProblem, but the Cottage wasn't so lucky. The Rebuilding would take a while,but Discord was Nice enough to help out, so she could throw Fluttershy and the other Critters,back up.

well it's was a crazy day. Im still inside Latias's Stomach but i feel better. well enough for this Story, Good Night.

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