This is the Second Series of the Journey through the Worlds. It Connects Animalia with the 4th Generation My Little Pony Franchise.

Characters Edit

Investigation Team 2 Edit

Eurasian Eagle-Owl Olivia Sparx
Cheetah Lucy
American Alligator Mina Kofuku
White Lion Ursula
Centaur Jackie
European Rabbit Franny
Drake Stanley
Velociraptor Sabrina Shimmer
Eurasian Wolf Sam Strikes
Bonobo Andy Bloomer
Red Junglefowl Stephanie
Liger Symphia
Mountain Gorilla Bruce Marcson
Chimera Dante
Burgundy Snail Helix
Direwolf Lobo

Allies Edit

Villains Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. The World of Harmony, Part 1
  2. The World of Harmony, Part 2

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