She was born from a Golden Egg, generated from a TerraPhoenix, 35 Million Years Ago. 16 Centuries later, She hatched. Soon after that she met Behemoth and Leviathan.

During the End of the Year 6000.B.HS, she and the other two Rulers were Attacked by a Titan named Hades. He wanted to rule by himself...but his plan was unsuccessful, and we was banished to the Undergrounds.

Somewhere between the 10th and 6th Century B.HS.,she saved a Group of Travelers from the "40 Year Heat".S She had blocked the Sun, with her Wings.

Somewhere in the 16th Century A.HS.,she had a Lover. It was a Griffin named Gerry,who wrote 10 poems to her. Sadly that romance didn't go anywhere.

It is revealed that Ziz became Pregnant in 1698.A.HS.

At the 26. March 2016.A.HS. she layed an Golden Egg, similar to the one she Hatched out. The Baby is named Cadence, a White Falcon-like Bird, with a Green Horn, and the Father is unknown.

More about her is not known at the moment.

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Ziz has a kind-heart and Care-free spirit, but she still manages to be a Good Leader to the SkyBased LifeForms. She also has an aggressive side, which comes forth when someone hurts her comrades, friends, or subjects.

Combat Edit

She is the most powerful SkyBased LifeForm on Animalia.

She can create: blizzards, tornadoes,sonic screams and thunder clouds only with wing flapping. She can survive in outer space without problems, which makes it Impossible to defeat her in the sky.

Ground Battles are a different Story. Her Ground Fighting experience isn't bad, but they still lack quite a bit of training..

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Like :) Edit

  • Anime
  • J-pop
  • fruit

 :( Edit

  • When Behemoth and Leviathan fight each other
  • The Dark Dragon

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

-A river in Marocco of Animalia was named after her.(reference to the Real Ziz River in Marocco).

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